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An Influencer
Brand Incubator.

We at Bozzil are co-founders of D2C brands, together with influencers and celebrities in India. We transform creative professionals into entrepreneurs, by jointly developing authentic & meaningful e-commerce brands.

Defining the brand

Manufacturing & Sourcing

Scaling & Growing

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To build brands in partnership with influencers which are true to and aligned with their personal brand - allowing them to extend their fan base & community into something tangible and long-lasting


The Bozzil USP

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A Long Term Partnership

We build unique and independent brands with the influencers. They are our long-term business partners, while continuing their work as influencers full-time

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Strong Personal Networks

Well connected founding team, with long-standing relationships with influencers and celebrities. Thanks to this network, there is a strong trust and bond established prior to launching the brand

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One Team,
Many Brands

We are a creative and entrepreneurial team with the experience and agility to start multiple unique brands in different business segments, while offering the back-end machinery to rapidly grow brands as soon as we see traction

Building Brands
that resonate with you

With Bozzil, we are capturing the USD 400 Billion

e-commerce market in India, by building new-age businesses and brands in partnership with influencers and celebrities. These brands have the power to grow from day one and last over time, much because of the trust and credibility each influencer has within his or her own community. This is what we call true branding - the core of our business model. 








Meet the Founders


Meet the influencers!

Namrata Soni  |  Celebrity Makeup and Hair Artist

“Working with Bozzil has been an amazing experience since day one. I could not think of a more perfect fit. For years, I was looking for a company or partnership that would understand what I needed as an artist and help me create that from scratch. When I finally was introduced to the idea of launching something with Bozzil, I never looked back. Everything we do, we do together. Their attention to detail, transparency, hard work and loyalty, are things hard to come by these days. My partnership with Bozzil has allowed me to dream big.”

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Meet the influencers!

Leeza Mangaldas  |  India's Leading Sex Positive Content Creator

“I’ve known Hanna for 10 years, and her extreme professionalism, ethics, and keen aesthetic sense inspire great confidence in me - I’ve long thought that were I ever to be in business with someone, it would be her. We share a passion for the vision to be the best pleasure brand in India, and our mutual commitment to this vision, to quality, to hard work, and to success, as well as the trust that we share given how long we’ve known each other, makes this association with Bozzil the
ideal partnership in my mind.”

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Get Ready to Build Your Brand With Bozzil

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